High in Amsterdam – mind hacks /

Could you reconstruct a head using a cigarette bud?  Hack the DNA of a luminescent jellyfish? And let cats glow in the dark? Apparently so.

Could you take over your colleague’s reflexes with your brainwaves and a 79$-headband? Hack a migraine-attack? Or shoot a rocket into space without rocket fuel? Apparently, also.

I must have looked quite high, this week in Amsterdam. You would too. All people hot in Silicon Valley gathered. For the Singularity University Summit. For this:

‘Shots of Awe’

Great thinkers & tinkerers as Rob Nail, Daan Roosegaarde and Brad Templeton took the stage. About AI robotics, smart highways & open source frog leaps. All drugged on the endorfines of Jason Silva’s future optimism.

Better than XTC

Peter Diamandis was day one’s keynote speaker. He talked about ‘Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think’ and his upcoming bestseller ‘Bold‘ (Feb, 2015).

The main theme? That the world just now offers all possibilities to ‘the kid in the garage next door’. To experiment, improvise and change the world ex-po-nen-ti-al-ly.

James, your best goods

We got a drugs load of radical innovations offered. With sizzling stories by Miroculus (baseline: disease decoded), 123D app, Amazon, Plantlab.nl, Malariaspot.org, Uberhealth, Kaggle and more. Much more.

With genetic engineering, nanotech and data dizzyness. With open-sourced Tesla-patenting. And with Belgian’s best Scanadu, a textbook example from their campus in Silicon Valley.

“Affect a billion people with Singularity University”

The mission of this world’s best university? To change the lives of more than a billion people. Solving the grand problems. On earth and in the cosmos. Rocket fuel ambition. Quite literally.

The flipside of this innovation ecstasy? Experiments that touch and cross the ethical borders. Cloning dogs? Stealing DNA-code & planting it on the scene of a crime? Terrorists and open-source bio-hacking? It is on the go too.

Junkie grief

Two days of innovation high. Made my imagination spin & twirl more than all the coffeeshops of Amsterdam together. Made me see that 3D-printing is almost ready to disrupt the Grimaldis, Maersks and DHLs totally.

Gave me the scenarios for more than three James Bond-movies (#SUSummit). But also made me see… that it is over, for a while now. Heading back to Antwerp on the Thalys. With a weird sense of junkie grief.

For more? Go to http://singularityu.org/http://www.xprize.org/.